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Sandhi Sudha Oil !

Sandhi Sudha is an Ayurvedic oil treatment that provides relief from back pain, knee pain, cervical, frozen shoulder, body pain, tennis elbow, joint pain and arthritis. It is an amazing pain relieving oil made by ultimate restorative plants found in the Himalayas. Also, Sandhi Sudha is the advanced formula for the similar joint and other pains that means it is more effective and works fast. The oil is admired by a large number of people who are using the product on a daily basis.

Reasons for Joint Pains ?

The joints in our body work with the help of an important fluid known as Synovial Fluid. Pain in the joints arises due to lack of this fluid in the joints. Old age, injuries, wrong postures or obesity are the reasons that reduce the amount of synovial fluid from the bones and joints. This can lead to major joint problems, including Arthritis.

How Sandhi Sudha Works?

Sandhi Sudha oil has a great way of treating the ailments. Through the applications of the oil, it starts repairing the joints that lacks Synovial Fluid and starts supplying blood to the through the joint. With the increase in the flow of the blood, the Synovial membrane starts releasing Synovial fluid that brings back the smoothness and the stickiness in the joint. The oil also helps in reconstructing the damaged tissues and the other injured parts of the body.

Our Customers Testimonials

"This is an extremely wonderful product. I can now walk on my own. My back used to pain a lot before because of which I need someone who help me in moving. But now there is no such trouble. I am really happy to use this oil. "
A. Mehta, New Delhi

Sandhi Sudha Oil V/S Sandhi Sudha Plus

Sandhi Sudha

Sandhi Sudha is naturally manufactured oil that provides relief from various joint pains such as Knee pain, shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis and cervical, frozen shoulder tennis elbow and joint pain. The oil helps in bringing back the normal functionality of various affected body parts through improving the amount and flow of synovial fluid between the joints. Sandhi Sudha Plus is the advanced version of the oil which means more effective, extra quantity and better results. The oil works very fast in relieving regular pains. It is great to go in daily life. A common man suffers from various pains on some on the other day.

There are 206 bones and 210 joints in a human body that works properly with the help of sticky and fluid matter called Synovial Fluid. Due to the old age, injuries, wrong postures or fatness our body tends to lose this fluid from the joints. Because of which these joints start paining and carelessness towards these pains can lead to extreme medical problems such as swelling in the Joint Capsule or Arthritis.

Benefits -
  • Using the oil will provide you relief from pain in knees, body pain, back pain, shoulder pain etc.
  • The body feels more relaxed and calm.
  • It refills the joints with the Synovial Fluid that again starts functioning like before.
  • The oil is an ultimate solution for the women with back pain. Other patients with the problems like knee pain, shoulder pains, back pain, cervical spondilitis, and arthritis will definitely feel good after the application.
  • It is the best Joint Pain Treatment Oil - Joint Pain Relief Oil.
  • The oil with its Herbal pain reliving elements provides relief from all types of Pain, Muscles Stiffness etc.
  • Sandhi Sudha can even resolve the pain from the joint or bones that stopped working years back and bearing severe pain.
How to Use ?(For external usage only)
  • Apply one or two teaspoons (approx. 5 ml) of the oil with your fingers tips over the injured part of the body.
  • Massage for few minutes over the affected area.
  • Do not pressurize the injured part while massaging.
  • Apply it in continuous circular motion. Follow the procedure for 3-4 times in a day up to 15 days.
  • In case the pain is more, you can apply it for about 5-6 times in a day. Use oil two hours before taking bath or after two hours of bathing. Application before you sleep at night is advisable. Hot fomentation after the massage will be beneficial.
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